Mephorash - Godhead Bomber Jacket

Note: Sizes are slim fit.

Unfortunately, we have had huge complications with  the supplier of our bomber jackets. 

The jackets have arrived, but the finished product did not have the same high print quality as the prototype they sent, and they refuse to admit that fact. We have been trying to get them to print new jackets, or give us a refund, but they refuse and unfortunately there is nothing we can do.
Although the quality is acceptable, it does not meet the high standard that we always try to pursue for everything we do. 
The only solution that we can think of is to send out the product we got, and give everyone a complimentary voucher for 15€ and lower the price for any new orders, by the same amount, as compensation for the product not meeting the expected standard, and make this a break-even situation for us, to not end up in debt and lose all our money, which we took out of our own pocket to fund this project.
The print looks well from a distance, but when looking up close you can see that they don't have quite as high resolution as you might expect. 

We sincerely apologize for this situation, and we hope you will find the product acceptable. 

Best regards 


Bomber Jacket - GODHEAD

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40,00 €Sale Price